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Visual 艺术s Bachelor of Science Completion Program

Digital Cinematography Concentration


There’s more than one way to tell a story, and more than one way to relay that story to the world. In a culture where millions of people turn to the digital realm for news and entertainment, content creators must be able to adapt content for a variety of mediums.

When you study digital cinematography at Full Sail, you’ll be outfitted for this changing landscape by pairing knowledge of the latest technological tools with a strong foundation in storytelling. You’ll learn to create dynamic content by emulating the workflow of an actual studio – beginning with script development, 生产计划, and art design and location shooting, 其次是导演, 拍摄, 后期制作, 和分布.

Named One of “25 Best 电影 Schools in the U.S. 以及2023年的加拿大。” ——《OG官网》杂志,2023年

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Students enrolling in this completion program will also complete the Digital Cinematography Associate of Applied Science og体育. 今天就开始申请吧.


Qualified campus students can receive 最高15,000美元 with the Academic Advantage Scholarship. Financial aid available to those who qualify. 查看详细信息

  • I'm both creative and business-minded.
  • I'm interested in tech and getting my hands on new tools.
  • I often analyze art, what it's trying to say, and how it makes me feel.
  • 我喜欢解决问题.
  • 我喜欢自己动手做项目.
  • My ideas don't just stay ideas – I like to create things.

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美术设计和外景拍摄 - Students will focus on the decision-making process to align a script with location scouting and art direction.

构图与视觉设计 -在这门关键的基础课程中, students learn first-hand how to design, frame, 组成, and arrange images to tell and enhance visual stories using professional-grade equipment.

电子现场生产 -学生将专注于研究, 面试, and other technical requirements relevant to the logistical, 结构, and aesthetic methodologies that are unique to field productions, 喜欢纪录片.

不确定? Watch to explore our other 电影 and 电视 programs and see which one is the right fit for you.

Full Sail的项目LaunchBox™

项目LaunchBox™ is a Full Sail program that provides students with powerful technology to help create projects. All of your files, multi媒体 creations, and coursework are at your fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Request more information about this program.

Package specifications are subject to change. Some 项目LaunchBox™ components are distributed during students' second year; some 项目LaunchBox™ components are downloadable items.


Package specifications are subject to change. Some 项目LaunchBox™ components are distributed during students' second year; some 项目LaunchBox™ components are downloadable items.

  • 苹果的MacBook
  • 3年Applecare延长保修
  • Adobe Creative Cloud(下载)
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • 苹果USB- c转USB适配器
  • 相机镜头
  • GVM三点光源套件
  • Manfrotto Tripod Kit - Legs, Headmount, & 情况下
  • 相机软壳
  • 索尼电影线FX6相机
  • 索尼耳机
  • 索尼霰弹枪麦克风
  • StageMaster 25ft XLR Microphone Cable
  • 64GB SDXC卡
Other Software Taught in this Program
  • Chop Shop FX(下载)
  • 定稿(下载)
  • 电影魔法预算(下载)
  • 电影魔术排演(下载)

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学费 -我们的学费包括 all costs for the full og体育, as well as all associated expenses, 包括教科书, 手册, 媒体, 生产材料, 实验室和技术费用, and 项目LaunchBox™ - a personal technology package featuring hardware and software customized to each og体育.

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